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Forum Announcement: Forum Rules
2011-01-09, 02:32 PM
Forum Rules
Zero-tolerance rules:
  1. All users shall not willfully attempt to cause this site to be unreachable or slow (no Denial-of-Service attacks).
  2. No poster shall post or attempt to post anything illegal in the country in which this server is located (the United States).
  3. All accounts made by spam bots will be removed.
  4. Spam refers to advertising of a product or service unrelated to the subject of this forum, AssaultCube Reloaded.
It is a serious offence to be in violation of any of the above. The punishment is a permanent ban, then all affected posts are removed, and if no posts left, the account is removed. If needed, IP bans are administered.

General rules:
  1. The golden rule is to use your common sense, e.g. "Can I spam your forums?" "Is it good to flame and troll others?"
  2. Do not post any false information. Expressing your opinion is fine, but do not make any assertions that cannot be proven.
  3. Attempt reasonably to use proper grammar, spelling, etc. If English is not your first language, consider posting in your language-specific forum. Do not willfully hinder your writing skills.
  4. Double-posting is not allowed within 48-hour periods, unless there is a decent reason to do so.
  5. Do not quote the post right in front of yours unless you are only quoting a portion of it. In other words, quote trains are not allowed.
  6. Post titles and content must not be written entirely in capitals.
  7. No pornographic content or annoying animations is allowed. You must mark links to pornographic content with a tag like [PORN].
  8. You may not post to a closed thread unless you are a moderator and also deem it necessary.
  9. Attempt to stay on topic!
  10. All links must not be shortened (e.g.
  11. Excessive repetition (spam, multiple posts or links or contents that indicate the same thing) is not allowed.
  12. You may request a username change, but the privilege is granted after both 100 posts, and must be replenished by 100 posts and 6 months after each request. Change your username in the user panel. You are now granted six changes every year.
  13. No avatar shall exceed 100 pixels in width or height, nor shall it exceed 100 kibibits in size. Do not abuse the fact that this is not verified automatically.
  14. No signature shall exceed 50 pixels in height, excluding the 14 pixel horizontal rule. Scroll bars will be automatically added.
  15. Do not reply to any posts made by spambots. There is no point because moderators will remove them.
  16. It is your responsibility to check if this is updated.

It is an offence to be in violation of any of the above rules. Penalties are decided by the staff, and may be any of the following but are not limited to: post is edited, post is deleted, warned, banning for a year or less.

Avatars in violation may be deleted. Repeat offences will result in the removal of avatars from posts.

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