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Forum Announcement: ACR vs AC Philosophy
2011-09-28, 03:12 PM
ACR vs AC Philosophy
NOTE: This article was written on September 28, 2011. Slight modifications have been made later (June 15, 2012, 21:13 -0600) to update the information. By now, AssaultCube might have (but probably has not) changed their ways. This article might not be an accurate reflection of the current state.

AssaultCube Special Edition philosophy:
  • Prevent cheaters without false positives (server-sided stuff, vs AssaultCube's client-sided stuff)
  • Allows for second chances (no permanent bans from the master-server)
  • Attempts to be as kind and lenient as possible (bans are only used as a last resort)

Just for the reference, AssaultCube philosophy:
  • Almost all cheaters are banned permanently (if not all)
  • If they change their IP, AssaultCube can ban an unreasonable large large CIDR block
  • Almost no second chances, if they cheat once they are usually not allowed to play even if they agree to stop (because they probably will not stop--one a cheater, always a cheater).
  • Large range bans were used (

Also, AssaultCube's community is horrendous:
Proof via
hallsofvallhalla Wrote:...
I decided to put up my own server and it was hacked within 2 hours. I went to the [AssaultCube] forums to find a resolution and learned it [hacking and cheating] is incredibly common. They don't seem to care. Their resolution is to make a blacklist for server owners to ban IPs. It is 187 pages long!!! I posted and inquery [sic] and a admin posted this nasty message to me. The forums are a joke.
I did not write half the things in my post on that community. They edited it like 15 times.
The underlined part describes the state of cheaters at that time. The bolded and italicized part describes how terribly AssaultCube's community responds to that.

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