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Full Version: New weapons!
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There is already a slug shotgun, but I will be adding a throwing knife (I will make the animation for it) and either a RPG or a crossbow explosive bolt, which need new models.

The RPG or crossbow, whichever it will be, will be referred to as "special item" hereafter.
My idea is that if you pickup three grenades and do not have the special item, it will exchange for the special item plus one grenade. The special item can only have one shot.
3 nades -> 1 nade + special item

However, this will require a new model for the special item.
Can't wait to see the new weapons Smile
Imagine the throwing knife, giving your melee weapon some "range". But then you will not have a melee weapon until you pickup your throwing knife after using it.
Big Grin that is going to be AWESOME
That is awesome Victor!
Keep up the good work.
so when you get hit by a trowing knife, you'll bleed to death or..?
You'll take half the knife damage, then bleed to death, unless you already are at low health and die from it. It is still in development

I thought about claymores, but that would be too good for the campers. So later, there will be also be RPGs or explosive bolt crossbows (probably the former one).
ok cool, 1 thing about the bolt sniper, when you shoot you needa wait till its done reloading before you can zoom out... :/
It has been rectified, and you can now quick-scope in SVN.

EDIT: Throwing knife works in SVN!
awesome Big Grin when is the new version coming out?
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