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Full Version: bottomless magazine and infinite ammo mutators
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Ok, these two mutators I suggest here doesn't make the game more realistic but they can make it more fun.

The goal of the mutator bottomless magazine is make the gameplay more similar to the one of games like Cube or Open Arena : all the ammo can be used in a row (without force to do it) because there is no reload.

Infinite ammo doesn't imply reload removal nor the ability to fire infinitely without reload. If it is used without being combined with bottomless magazine, It will make the gameplay to the Red Eclipse one.
This could be implemented pretty easily. We'll see about doing it for 2.6
Bottomless magazines will make some weapons overpowered.

Infinite ammo is better, but it could still be potentially overpowered.

Of course, you can make a server mod (or a server mod flag can be added) for this, just like with gungame.
I think it could be put in the game as an option(maybe increased ammo option) with a server flag to have it be infinite. That could make it so that it could be disabled/enabled per game, be balanced and still be infinite if the server owner wants it that way.
Totally against it!
Maybe only SMG and AR with unlimited ammo and bottomless mags?
Spray & pray at its best...
This has been added as a built-in server mod in 698654f7.