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Full Version: The Rake Mod
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There should be a horror mod that pits you and a group of players against the freakish creature known as The Rake (its kinda like the slender mod i suggested) with nothing but a flashlight. this would be easier to code as The Rake apparently rakes its victims open with its long, razor-sharp, claws. We could make it have silent footsteps, fast running speed, and insta-gib melee damage, along with wallhacks for viewing the victim. as i said, this could possibly be easier to code than a slender mod, since it just modifies player/bot traits when said player/bot is The Rake. we would probably need to code in a way that lets the game load a specific model as a playermodel, instead of automatically loading the regular playermodel.

check this shit out:
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]
that game uses an .md2 model from the sitters-electronics website. with some modification, i bet it could be used
I think a horror gamemode for acr has to use weapons in some way... But I think custom models would be cool
I would think a fork off of ACR would be best for implementing this rather than in the game itself.
Why a fork ? Why not a mod ?
Okay, I'm not sleeping tonight after seeing that image. I'll just leave my Techlite and kershaw on the table next to the bed and try not to kill myself
If that image keeps you up all night you obviously never watched horror anime....
Nope. The only anime I've ever watched was Pokemon and YuGiOh (oh god, the hours wasted on that card game)
LOL, i'm good. TYVM. I'll stick to BBT and HIMYM
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