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Full Version: FEATURE: Push to run, not walk
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so, in the game you push ctrl to walk, which i think is pointless. instead, we should have ctrl set to run instead of walk. you would have limited run time (unless you have a perk maybe) you cant shoot, and (possibly) the guns would have a 'run' animation
I would like to second the proposal. Wink
Maybe in hardcore, but normal deathmatch is supposed to be fast paced.
Yeah, i think this idea was originally for hardcore mode.

I support this because you really can't shoot while moving fast. Well, you can, but i doubt you will be able to hit the side of a barn 20 meters away from you
we could make it so that the spread and recoil is doubled when running instead of not being able to shoot. I think this is a good idea for hardcore/realistic mode, but would be terrible for the regular game since it would just serve to slow everyone down.
Great idea! Yeah. when you're moving, your stance isn't as strong, so that would justify the higher recoil.