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Full Version: Another gun?
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Should AC-R add another gun to thier list,If so which one would you vote for:
1.Ak47 (Assault Riffle class)
2.Scar-L (Assault Riffle class)
3.Uzi (Sub-machine class)
4.P90 (sub-machine class)
5.Psg1(sniper class)
6.Awp (sniper class)comes with a snow and forrest cammo.
7.FN Tactic (shotgun class)
Actually none Tongue
Yeah i also leftout this part at the bottom sorry.

If None of the above what gun would you want?or are you fine with the current ones?
I simply mean none because I don't like games with large arsenal, mainly because people tends to use 'the best ones' and all the work made with the others is going to be a waste of time. On Ghost Recon we had a large variety of weapons to select and finally people just use a minimal part of them.
I mean like more guns, but they have the same damage. So there is no "better one". So instead of having to choose only one Ar ,you'll have another choice with the same damage.
You mean like a model/skin switch?
Yeah basically.So in theory if he adds the AK47,then we can choose from either an Ak or M4 (In the ingame weapon menu) and they would have the same amount of damage.
Or I could add the AK-47, make it fire slower, with more damage. Overall, the damage rate should be the same and they can use the AK-47 if they want a "challenge".

For example:
2x fire delay, 2x damage = same damage per second
Thats good every gun should have thier +'s and -'s.How about each team gets thier own set of guns.RVSF will have the already excising guns,While Cla will have the AK47,P90,ect...
Also a player should be able to pick up droped guns from a dead player(from any team).also add a smoke grenade.
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