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Full Version: Subsonic Perk/Ninja Perk supplement
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Hi All,

I realize that ACR doesn't have a suppressor "perk". Could ACR have a perk that makes players not show up on the minimap when the fire? The tracers would still be there, just not on the minimap.

Subsonic ammunition is ammo that travels slower than the speed of sound when it is fired, so there isn't that supersonic "crack" when the bullet leaves the barrel. I suggest this because adding a suppressor to a firearm will create a hassle for the modelers.

Of course, this will be a pain when the Mk. 12 SPR gets implemented, unless the Mk. 12 SPR will already have that Subsonic perk locked with it.

I suggest that this should replace/supplement the Ninja perk. Nobody ever uses the Ninja perk.

Let me know what your thoughts are for this idea.
It would be nice if ninjas fire non tracer bullets, have slightly dimmed gun volume, and have no muzzle flash. If ninjas had that I would gladly give up two perk slots to use that.
I dunno if the tracers can be adjusted to be variable (for certain players) in game. Isn't it binary? Then again, I'm just an average joe.

Yeah, the idea of lower muzzle report is nice, but I dunno about muzzle flash. The idea behind subsonic rounds (at least for ACR) is for you to be more "silent". To the best of my knowledge, they don't eliminate the muzzle flash. Suppressors are an extra step for modelers and increases polygon count.

But if this idea were to be implemented in with the Ninja perk, then that'd make sense.
The Ninja perk minimizes your footsteps and landings and hides you from Recon. It used to hide you completely, but it was changed.

Now, would having the above plus hiding you from the radar for shooting make the perk OP?
@Victor, I would argue that it would not make the perk OP. In battlefield 3, you don't show up on the minimap when you use a suppressed weapon.

I think that the suppressed sounds are a bit harder to implement (maybe there needs to be another sound file that's basically tuned down), but this is just an idea.

Currently nobody uses the Ninja perk because there are better combinations to use that benefit the user.
I think the addition of the suppressed sounds would not only be a neat one, it would add a new challenging concept to the game.

If it does make the already existing Ninja perk too OP, maybe the "suppressor" could be an option that would only be available through selecting two separate perks rather than selecting a combo perk, such as Ninja.

As for visualizing the suppressor is active, maybe along with no muzzle flash, there could be a "muted" icon next to the perk icon in the bottom right rather than adding a suppressor and separate model for each gun (costing time and adding polygon count).