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Full Version: Account Integration
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I have multiple versions of ACR. I have my main version, which I use on my PC at home, and I have my USB one, and it's a pain in the butt when my level is different every time - MAJOR ego downer.

So I was thinking, could we have a "login to forum account" button? It would sync latest loadout, perks, and level.

What do you guys think?
too confusing, just keep it the way it is.
I think he mean he/she wants we implement a way to connect to this site from the game, using the forum accounts, to store and retrieve client game settings.
That's probably a good idea since its way too easy for people to impersonate others right now....
I agree. Victor did plan to have forum integration to verify identities of players.

It would also help out some new players in the game by basically showing new guys which players are verified and not trolls.

I think the only problem is create an unobtrusive tag next to the playername.
@asmanel Perfect sypnopsis. I'm a guy, just so you know Big Grin
@DeltaStrikeOp We could have a little tick indicating that account is verified, that might be good
LOL, you guys sure are early in Aussie. It's 23:12 right now in California, USA.

sure, a checkmark sounds nice! It'd be a pretty quick visual indicator too once you press tab and get the scoreboard up.
Would also help against annoying server admins who always name bots like real players.
It is always annoying when you cannot figure out who's a real person (apart from ping)
I can't say that Iám totally against it but the modelers will have hard time logging in and in and in again testing their models.But I voted Yes and I think that this should be implemented
If you want setting synchronization, you need an external cloud hosting provide to sync the "data" folder. Maybe this could be a feature in the launcher? This way, you also sync your maps and custom models.
ACR can't provide free file storage, so an external provider is necessary.

When I have time, I will rewrite the master-server to operate with the forum. A green checkmark might be a bad idea, and a padlock icon might be a better choice. We don't want to give a false illusion of verification.

To get perfect verification, every client has to confirm each other with the master-server, so the complexity is O(n^2) from n(n-1), with n people checked by the other n-1 people. Having the server confirm and tell the client makes it O(n) with only one check during connection, but the clients have to trust the server.

Also, you will get the "verified" icon, which should be a "logged in" or "authenticated" icon, as long as you have any valid forum username. A /whois will be required to identify the user's forum username. Of course, the server could spoof it, so that subverts the trust chain in exchange for bandwidth savings.
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