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Full Version: "Classic" Mode
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Classic mode is gamemode that attempts to emulate this game's predecessor. It effectively doubles your health by halving damage, disables iron sights, decreases spread, and all shots do not bounce.

In addition, no friendly fire will be computed, even though this is the opposite of AC. The full opposite of AC's friendly fire is redirection of friendly fire to the owner.
I think you should add domination it would be fun in this game.
I don't really get the idea Victor. You mean a mode that make ppl play as they were in AC but with fixes and improvements of ACR?

Sort of he means playing with out rounds,killstreaks,perks,and Aim down sight.Its just a regular acgame.
I think it would be G-R-E-A-T! This way you can even try to attract AC players to test ACR. What about weapons? They would be like AC in that mode or still as ACR?

Classic mode will be exactly the same as ACR's DM/TDM, but you cannot use iron sights (but you can scope), and the damage is cut in half. You also get "assigned perks" based on your weapon. For example, you are forced into steady aim for snipers.

The shots cannot ricochet, but I'm thinking about removing that (add ricochet shots back).
Great idea man!

This game is coming along well, I can't wait to see it get big Big Grin
Sounds good Victorz. Also an 'Old School Mode' where experience and gameplay is similar/equal to the original AC would be nice Smile

Classic mode is your "Old School Mode".
Ups Tongue
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