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Full Version: Medal of Honor: Warfighter
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No punchline needed.
LOL, i liked it. A lot of things from MoH Warfighter are adapted into BF4, such as Rapid Transition Sights, Boat scenes, etc.
it was just filler for BF4 in my opinion
A lot of the animations are reused in BF4 from MoH. If you notice, the playermodels have a more "aggressive" stance compared to BF3. When I first saw BF4 gameplay, i thought that someone ported some MoH Warfighter playermodels.
meh. the only games im really caring about is Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and Titanfall. I would care about Halo 5, but Halo 4 sucked ass (it doesnt even deserve to have Halo in its name. in fact, i quit after the second level to go play Halo 2)
I played so much Halo Combat Evolved that I get bored of it playing campaign.

I still can't finish the game on legendary though. HOW DO PEOPLE DO IT???
most of the time i think they do co-op, since thats always the easiest way to do it. a friend and i tried it once, but we still sucked. mostly due to on-purpose team killing. but i really dont understand how people are able to beat metal gear solid on European Extreme. if you so much as even be seen by an enemy, the game is over
medal of honor warfighter was an unbelievable waste of time Angry took me days to complete mgs snake eater on european extreme :L
you beat it on euro extreme?!

Side note, the chat doesnt work for me
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