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Full Version: AoSAlliance
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Hey Guys Teorque here with a brand new Sniping Clan hopefully this one will stay longer than my other clans i have made but we are looking for Snipers and Trickshotters the Co-Leader spot is still open for anyone just comment a link of your video that has your clips from this game but anyways guys I'm back for more action.

Torque Former: OpTiC, Velocity ForZe (I recently got in a clan called National Sniping League their youtube is we are currently on 20k subs but i gave my bro my ps3 account to continue what i have started and moved to xbox.)
[Image: derp_ash_ketchum_by_dommie95-d5c52ow.png]
Ha Ha XD Big Grin

Just made a logo for it using c4d and photoshop XD
lol btw, we arent really a sniping clan, but we could still snipe if we wanted to against you guys. just give me the time and the date.
Its not just gonna be a sniping clan but its mostly going to be sniping just like FaZe how they have a MLG team