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Full Version: alekmatos just can't stop can he (facepalm)
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"Your gameplay privileges will be reinstated if you post a statement claiming that you never used cheats and will refrain from abusing votes or flooding servers."

This is the conditions alekmatos must follow when Victor repealed his ban. However, he is ignoring them again and a flood of accounts connect when his vote is about to fail and he manages to outvote everybody. I caught part of this. I was able to catch this because he did this multiple times, preventing people from voting on another map and forcing everyone to play on his favorite maps.

[Image: spammingvotes_zps013cf36a.png]

The problems is these accounts disconnect immediately after they vote so its difficult to catch the ips. However two accounts connect immediately to vote yes on the vote and one of the IPs was alekmatos's. So I'm going to create a new ban thread.

I also know that alekmatos is using wallhacks although I don't have evidence as of yet. I would hide in a far off hiding spot (after alekmatos spawns) and alekmatos would throw a grenade perfectly so that it would obliterate me exactly where I was hiding.

MOD EDIT: changed minie to alekmatos
dm.mossberg590a1 voce continua um bobo.

Peço aos ADMS do game que conversem com a criança dm.mossberg590a1.

Cada vez que ele leva uma surra vem aqui e fica querendo me incriminar.

Por favor conversem com essa criança de 5 anos que perder faz parte do jogo.

Ah dm.mossberg590a1 como vc acha que uso wallhack vou te dar um conselho.

Como voce e bem novato e facil de ganhar quando matar alguem nao esqueça que ele pode ver para onde voce se moveu ou se ficou no mesmo lugar do mapa.

Acho que jogar uma granada aonde voce ficou nao é bem usar hallhacker Smile

E sim porque voce e bem novato mesmo Smile

Beijo pra voce criança.
Can you at least type this in a way that I can actually translate? Stop trying to hide your defense in language.

EDIT: do not quote the post in front of you in its entirety!
Mais um que leva surra e aproveita pra vir me incriminar,o vida dificil de jogar Smile


Aproveito o momento pra te recomendar estudr sobre NAT , pois tenho uma rede interna onde mais pessoas gostam do jogo e entram tambem.

NAT - estuda na internet sobre o assunto.

Voting will no longer be used in the next version of the master-server rules.

When the next ACR is released, it will have demo downloads throttled rather than restricted, so you'll be able to grab demos. Until then, there is no proof of cheating.

alekmatos says he has NAT, so he probably has a large LAN party so that he can get his friends to pass votes.
It doesn't matter if his friends are helping him vote, if they are disconnecting immediately after voting, then it is still flooding the server with votes.
@Hunter use google translate, hes portugues
(2013-09-20, 02:12 PM)Nightmare Wrote: [ -> ]@@Hunter use google translate, hes portugues

I did. It wouldn't translate, and neither would Babylon.