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Full Version: Is it just me, or is ac_douze overrated?
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Really, it's on just about EVERY fucking server I've gone on.

I say this because it's just a plain arena. Nothing more, nothing less. It's even worse when you go on a server and changing maps is disabled. If so, you're pretty much screwed into boredom.
I personally like douze, because its fun on any level, be it zombies, sniper only, capture the flag, or hardcore, etc. Also, both bases are pretty much the same unlike some other maps where you have to master the territory from both bases (especially when they do a periodic base change). It may be a simple "arena" but I hate the other "douze" remakes that other mappers try to make compared to the real version. It has the perfect proportions to be good at a whole range of game modes.

It does get a little boring playing douze constantly, but if a server doesn't allow you to vote new maps, then that's the server's fault, not the map's fault.
Personally, i really liked the map AIRSOFT and NUKETOWN v2

Douze is a map that is almost synonymous with AC, which is why it is so popular. I remember going on here when I was a noob and requesting douze add bots to that map since it could only be played on multiplayer.