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Full Version: ZeekTriton
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I am requesting a ban on ZeekTriton (local IP 108.239.2/20:58687) for abusive behavior and name calling. He insisted that I am a hacker and called me a "nub facking jew butt", "hacker" and tried to ban me for 10 minutes due to the fact I was too good stating "your bad kid" as the reason for banning me. He said he was going to report me as well for hacking and as I explained that I did not he constantly said I was a liar and to "grow up and learn how to play without hax".
All too common these days.... too many AC players coming in and trying to ban anybody who's better than them. I don't even play that much anymore because the community sucks so much now. Also there are a ton of people who get the bright idea that they can make a public server into a "private server" if they ban everyone except them. I hope that in 2.6 this whole kick/ban thing gets removed, if they want to ban someone they have to put it on the forums.

If you want to make a ban, you have to make a poll, otherwise nothing will happen. I for one, will vote yes to ban that guy.

BTW, Jew and butt should be added to the swear checker since I don't think anyone says those words with good intentions.
I personally feel that if there isn't proof provided with the ban request that it should not get a yes vote.
Was this on his server or a public one not owned by him?
[Image: 4VbscNP.jpg]
This was the image shows the first offensive thing he said.

[Image: MbCVHDt.png?1]

[Image: 1yoXNOu.jpg]

This was on the server named Warrzone Server at
Thank you for the proof and yeah maybe he should be banned
xD this guy is actually funny IMO, me and my friends talk shit like that too each other ALL the time.
Only problem is that guy wasn't Agent X's friend.
If you guys see him again please tell him this is on the forums so he can defend himself.