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Full Version: Increase M16 damage with stopping power?
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Right now the M16 is a 4 shot kill with stopping power, it would be nice if the M16 was a 4 shot kill normally but a 3 shot kill with stopping power. That way people who use iron sights a lot on the M16 would do more damage but hipfire spammers with Hands+Steady will deal less damage. The AK47 would still be useful because it is a 3 shot kill on enemies with Healthy and can use other perks also while the M16 is locked into Stopping Power and suffers from higher recoil and spread.
"Stopping power" doesn't increase the damage like Call of Duty does. Rather, it increases the damage against armor (currently bypassing armor). This means that at 120 HP and 100 armor, the enemy's effective HP is 120 instead of 150.

So it's only useful against people with armor.
Maybe there should be another half-perk called "Armor piercing" that ignores armor. It seems a waste to use two perk slots just for armor negation especially when a lot of people don't even use armor.

It would be nice if Stopping Power did like 10% more damage (so for 31 damage it would do 3 more damage and do 3 shot kills) with the decimal part truncated. That would allow people to do more damage, at the cost of more recoil and spread and the inability to use other perks. Actually, the M16 with Stopping Power recoils more than the AK47 with Hands and the AK47 will still be superior since 42*3 = 126 defeats enemies with Healthy while the M16 with the updated Stopping Power would be 31 * 3 + 3*3 = 102 damage doesn't.
Well, stopping power also gives faster healing/bleeding/regen.

I think a perk to increase damage is overpowered.