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Full Version: Double Keep the Flag
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This is the exact same as KTF, but both flags will be active. Once you pickup a flag, you may not pickup another one unless: you are the only human on your team OR it is not a team mode. Dropping the flag will not cause an automatic reset, it takes the usual 30 seconds to reset.

EDIT: The furthest flag is reset if the killed player is in possession of both flags or if a dropped flag is unattended for 20 seconds.
if u ask me i tink its too much...
u said to me it would be too much if u add a run button
and know u will add this mode ?
but when u want to do that make it Big Grin
its your decision and its ur game so
make what u want when u are happy urself ....

...and how is my english ?
pls rate it Big Grin
Well I think it's a bit confusing, but could become a fun mode.
It's just KTF with two flags. If one person dies with both flags, the furthest flag is reset. And you cannot pickup both flags if you have two humans on your team.
Answer is simple... why not? Smile
The famous mode you were talking about, I'll test it on SVN if you already released it.