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Full Version: Spawn Enqueue/Dequeue
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Are you tired of shooting the wall and damaging yourself upon spawns? (this usually doesn't happen unless you face a flat wall)

Now, there is the spawn queue/dequeue. Just click and you will be spawned automatically ASAP. Made a mistake? Click again before you spawn and you can wait longer.

There is no need to spam out clicks to spawn as soon as possible, just one click will do.
Good idea but instead of waiting for spawn why not show killcam ?
Edit: When on the killcam there should be text on the bottom saying "Shoot to skip" or somerhing like it.
Beware some 'newbies' may not be happy by this feature.
A killcam will cost too many resources. Plus, you can't spawn for 2 to 5 seconds, and have to wait it out, even if you skip the killcam.

This feature just lets you click once to spawn as soon as possible, without the need of spamming clicks. Newbies probably won't have an issue with this.
aww no kill cam, but it's a great feature tho :]

In what terms are you describing resources? I mean, package size or real time resources?

man u are a very good modder so please add the killcam please Undecided
it would be so cool ...
add killcam! Big Grin
I am talking about real time resources.

Ideal memory usage:
32 bytes per event/position * 64 potential players/bots * 64 event/position per second * 15 second retention = 1920 KiB (not much, but is a 5% increase in memory requirements)

The real memory usage might vary, as it also needs to track if you are watching a killcam or not. And it has to record while you watch the killcam, in case you get killed quickly after spawning.
Then... do it! xD