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Full Version: Zombies Mode
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This mode is where all humans team up against about 24 bots. But it is more difficult than you think!

First of all, zombies will run faster than you! They will be equipped with melee weapons, and you will not outrun them!

All headshots will one-hit kill zombies. However, they have up to six times their normal health, generated randomly!

Will the humans be overrun with zombies or will they prevail? This is a team duel mode.
You should add another mode where people can control the zombies imo.
[Image: like1.jpg]
it would be awsome if you add the white box where you can get random weapons!
That's a nice idea, it's almost like expert deathmatch for bots health
Thus I don't like Zombie Modes, it's always good to see new ways of playing the game and I will surely test it.

Nice idea!
oh yeah please add this zombie mod Big Grin
Please add it? It's already added!
wait, so is there rounds?
There are rounds, each of which humans prevail or zombies overrun them.
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