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Full Version: ACR 2.6 Mapmodels and Textures (temporary) fix
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Hi all,

As you all might know already, many of our favorite custom maps were completely unplayable on ACR 2.6 due to @Victor's changes that made ACR resolve many licence problems. However, with these changes, almost all of our custom maps that were playable in 2.5.9 are broken in 2.6. The reason is because of missing mapmodels and textures.

The fix for this was first attempted by @bluwarguy, and what he did was copy and paste all of the mapmodels and textures from 2.5.9 to 2.6's AC package files. Be sure to overwrite the files that conflict.

What I found is that all of the custom maps work again, and your framerate generally increases. This might be from the old textures being much smaller.

I'm not sure if this violates any licensing, but this is so far the temporary fix that we have in order for us to play the our favorite custom maps such as Longhorn and Nuketown v2.
Actually, this is properly fixed by updating your map config (download the raw file from config/default_map_settings.cfg@6580290755 and replace it)

Then update the map's .cfg file if needed.
but for the rest of us who aren't mappers, that option isn't necessarily easy to do. Can 2.6.1 just include the old mapmodels and textures from 2.5.9?
2.6 is already pretty large, and the new config/default_map_settings.cfg will be in 2.6.1 anyway. There's no need to have duplicate content. AC 1.2 changed some of their paths, so old nuketown maps would be affected on AC 1.2 as well, so they should be updated to support both ACR and AC 1.2.

I checked with longhorn and it works 100% (no missing texture messages in the console) Unfortunately, nuketown's .cfg file has to be edited.
I'm not sure about the map's .cfg, but all i know is that for nuketown, some textures are missing, and some mapmodels are missing. Could these be fixed by editing the .cfg?

oh, btw, its not really duplicate content. there are much less mapmodels and textures in AC 1.2 compared to ACR 2.5.9
I think it is just renamed stuff -- nuketown fixes:

"mitaman/grsites/brick051.jpg" -> "grsites/brick051.jpg"
"mitaman/3dcafe/stone18.jpg" -> "3dcafe/stone18.jpg"
"makke/windows.jpg" -> "golgotha/windows.jpg"

the platform mapmodel needs to be fixed also, but it doesn't show up in the console
Okay, but what about mapmodels? Some maps are missing the models, creating "invisible walls" that are pretty frustrating to find
You'll have to edit the .cfg to use the new mapmodel paths.