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Full Version: Stabbing and better collision detection for sword?
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I think the sword, since it is taking up a secondary slot and all, should be powerful enough so that its even considered over the other secondaries.

First of all, the sword should have better collision detection so that when you swing, any enemies within the semicircle where you are facing with a radius of the max range of the sword would get hit, since really you have to be stupid to miss at that range. It should be more like a "if you get within range it will almost always hit" instead of "you have to get within range and spam sword strikes hoping to hit your opponent only to get blasted away and die". It should also hit in cases where your model is colliding with the enemies model.

Second of all, when you use the sword (or the knife) on zombies they don't explode. This makes sense since gunpowder is what sets explosives off which is why China uses crossbows to deal with explosive targets.

Third, with a sword you should be able to switch modes between slashing and stabbing. When slashing you can hit enemies within a 180 degree angle with more damage while when stabbing you can hit enemies at double the range and slashing at a single point, with less damage. When stabbing there should be a crosshair or some visual indicator of where the sword will go.
LOL china uses crossbows on explosive targets? Food for thought xD
Yeah that's why I wanted a crossbow to be added in game since China Spec Ops have the crossbow in their arsenal for bomb terrorists Smile
Smart Smile
I think having stabbing and slashing could be possible(anyone want to make icons like there is for shooting modes for it?). I think the idea with the zombies is more of a dead man switch type thing since they drop a grenade. A sniper from a decent range wouldn't set off explosives usually, but it does have the zombies drop a grenade.
What if they drop c4 and u walk over a dead zombie .-. And can we please please please please leave the dead bodies
The engine isn't set up for bodies, if someone makes a decent body model/animation I'll consider looking into coding that in.
Alright explosive zombies xD perhaps body shots still set it off i c4 is still explosive :/