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Full Version: ACR DirectX 9 -11 ? | + Sweet EFX Shader Suite
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ay, as much i know, i not been active on tha ACR Forums, Playing COD:G another Games on Steam
i would like to suggest ACR for DirectX
and atleast still make it light weighted almost like "War Face"
i understand it may not be possible,
tha reason y, i request [ACR DirectX] is because of "Sweet EFX Shader Suite
so far, its the BEST Graphics Overrider Ever! (y)

Use of SweetEFX
when you somewhat cant completely Control the In-Game Graphics settings, some times there a missing feature in Graphics setting, it may not be good enough! even if its @ hi/Max setting,
maybe its needs more/missing,

DirectX 9 or Above
cost of GPU/Process 10% - 50% (Estimated Guess depending on Grahpics car)
here's an example of "SweetEFX Shader Suite"

if u are about to use SweetEFX on other DirectX Game,
u might get caught detected up by "Anti Cheat Engine" it may lead u get banned according to the "Terms of Service" for some to most games,
the point 4. states that "You may not modify CRYTEK Software or use it in any way not expressly authorized in writing by CRYTEK.".
LOL, well luckily, we're not CryTek. xD

Jokes aside, not sure if a 60MB game can have those cool effects
DirectX is not platform independent and would require a complete rewrite of the graphics code.
I don't see it ever happening.
I dont know if this shader thing really needs an opengl game, as I understood it just polishes up the game output, but needs opengl to do it? Correct me if I am wrong.
You could try running OpenGL games with Direct3D by combining QindieGL with SweetFX, but I guess that the performance would be poor.
I tried it and it crashes immediately on startup.
wait... im not up to date in 2007 didnt opengl make the converter that changes opengl funtions to d3d functions? and even if... asc is small rewritting it... i mean.. how long would that take? i love the idea cuase ive been with d3d forever so i vote 1
There is a lot of graphics code...
This would be a massive effort to make it non-cross platform. I play on linux a lot so I will not be helping to remove the cross-compatibility.
The main reason why I even got into ACR in the first place was because I was looking for games that I could play on Linux. If this game gets into some kind of software center for Linux, it could become extremely popular. It can probably also be compiled for Mac, making it playable by even more people. You want to throw that away for some kool shaders?

I do all of my programming on Linux. If this happens I won't be able to test or program any new features. TortoiseGit and Code::Blocks are a poor substitute for vim and all of the GNU utilities IMO.
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