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Full Version: Bolt Sniper and Sight
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I got to thinking that when firing a bolt sniper, it would be pretty hard to keep the sight where you had it upon reloading. Is there a way to make it so that after you fire it would go back to the hip as you reload the next round?
If we had the animations for pulling th bolt back this would actually look nice but btw,you can reload while aiming.
I found out how to do tag translations for ADS, so the next version of ACR will support animations for pulling the bolt.
Awesome! That will be a nice addition to ACR.
Of course, modelers will need to add this to the model itself.

Actually, manipulating the bolt (pulling the bolt) isn't too difficult in a regular bolt action gun. It is achievable, and I have done it myself (with a .22LR bolt action). Trained "snipers" manipulate the bolt w/o breaking cheek weld (w/o moving from the scope), because if you break cheek weld, you may lose sight of your target, which is a big no-no.

I kinda advocate against this feature, because, while it is cool, deviates from realism
bluwarguy's ballista already has a bolt pulling when reloading.....
@DSO: you do have a point there Smile

I think just for the game the players using snipers would often lose sight of their target because they are always moving, and because the maps are relatively small and restrictive to where the other players can move; the sniper would not have to lose their target for too long

However, I agree with you DSO Wink
Should it be an option? It is pretty cool to see the bolt pull, but yeah, you will lose sight of your target. Especially for players like me who play 800x600 windowed

BTW, doing the "scope out" bolt pull reminds me of Saving Private Ryan. Remember the scene where steamboat willie was shooting the Rangers? All that time wasted re-aiming the rifle. I guess that's what saved the group in the end