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Full Version: German translation
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hmm.. i am german and i understand all things in the game so i can translate ...

But i cannot programm it so i can only give u the german words...
It is not very easy to translate this game, with the way it is setup right now. In a future version, I can make a translatable file, but it only supports ASCII characters.
so its without

ä ö ü right ?

but this isnt very bad because these characters can be replaced like this:

ä = ae
ü = ue
ö = oe

so when u want me to translate the english words just say it Smile
Next version, you can create a translation (for the client side only), but this feature is just beta.
okey Smile
where are the files which show u who killed u etc. ? like : You killed Bot-1 ?

and were can i upload the translatet files ?

The locale folder will definitely be changed next version. I wouldn't recommend translating until that feature is fully stable.

The obituaries cannot be translated, as it is also used by the server.
German translation of 2.3.1 .... done Smile
Make a video of it?
okey but it´s just a few seconds long...
here is the link:
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