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I think acr need more weapon more than 5 victorz
Yeah, we do have a Mk. 12 Mod 0 SPR in testing as of right now. =) It's basically a scoped M16, but with some differences that we're still undecided with as of right now.

[Image: SPRCrane.jpg]

Compared to the M4A1 we have right now, the Mk. 12 SPR will have:
-Higher recoil
-Lower Rate of Fire
-Higher damage
I believe he mean weapon modes.

Technically, there are six weapon modes in ACR 2.6. There are five weapon related mutators and each one is incompatible with the four others.

On the mod stuff idea page of the wiki, I suggested buckshot (like insta and sniping but with the shotgun instead a sniper gun).
Now, I also suggest :
* assault (like insta but with the assault rifles instead the sniper guns)
* chaingun (idem but with also the sub machine gun)
* spraying (like insta and assault but with the shotgun and the sub machine gun)
* melee (like gibbing but without the grenades)
* fury (everyone spawn with all weapons)
* pure <something> (everyone spawn with the related weapon and only this one; and nobody can use an other weapon, not even the knife or the sword)
* the possibility to combine several weapon related mutators, allowing intermediary gameplay.
oh god how long have i been gone...