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Full Version: The "others will do it" theory.
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Here is a stupid way to think :

You can do something and you know it but you don't do it because you think others will do it, and probably better than what you are able to do.

Optionnally, you can think it's the role of somebody else. Of course, when he/she ask for help you can provide, you don't provide this help. You only wait to see who will accept to provide it.

In other words, you read, you watch, you wait,... but you don't add or change anything just because others will do it...

Even if it's absurd, a such mentality isn't so rare.
Of course, I don't approve this.
I found this page yesterday. It contain something similar.
If I had that kind of mentality, ACR would either not exist or be run by some other people.
That mentality is extremely common. It is one of the main reasons in an emergency you are supposed to single out people to go get help or call the authorities; if you just said generally for someone to do it everyone would assume someone else would do it.