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Full Version: New Maps ?
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i downloaded new maps from the internet (
first i downloaded v1.1.0.4 maps but when i tried to choose them their was written that the cube version too high Sad

then i downloaded a v0.93 map , the map startet and i was able to walk though the map but when i shot (click) the game crashed down ?

is ACR compatible with AC Original Maps ?
It is supposed to be compatible with every AC 1.0.4 compatible map, but not reverse compatible.
But it doesnt work Sad

i tested these maps:



1.1 and

But nothing worked Sad
the 1.0 and 1.1 maps show the error that the cube engine isnt the same
and the 0.93 i can run through the map but when i click the game
crash down Sad
ac_base isn't even 1.0.4.

But the officepark works in the SVN without crashing. It's just that there was a glitch with custom map handling.
Maybe u can port them Furbizz Smile

ac_iced works great ... (its the map which someone posted in the forum)
i will try ac_officepark again...

and what did u mean that i should try to port them ?
(i dont understand it i am 14 Smile )
okey officepark worked.
ac_iced worked.
ac_farcry worked.

but there are many maps which do not work :/
More will work in the SVN, and the next release.
I am currently making a map for the mapping contest.
i do however have some suggestions:

Road runners Hospital map
terrorist vs counter terrorist
ac_Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeee by mike before
Headshotcity_003 by nc|
ac_hailstone by Z3R0
Eastern mines by c=64|4-bit
ac_mist,ac_fronline and ac_ambar by Stupp

Guys I hope you don't post newbie map, do the good choice Wink
I hope acr will keep the high map quality like AC and there will be no twintowers or headshotcity.
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