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Full Version: Who's ready for this summer?
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I'm waking the {KE} from hibernation as of Tuesday, May 27

I'll be actively playing and modeling this summer, anyone else?
Happy Fragging!
Hopefully, I'll actually work on ACR and release 2.7 before the summer ends. In the worst case, I should resume development on July 1, 2014.
Todo for summer: Real Eclipse V0.0001 Tongue
I'd stick with rXn and say that Red Eclipse is more important than the release of ACR
I may be back. This year alone I've put 500 miles on my motorcycle.
I'm coming back with more SCOPES!!!! =D School ends for me on 5/30! SCOPES, SCOPES, SCOPES!
I should be able to play some ACR soon! I'll see ya around!