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Full Version: More on Physics and Collision Detection :)
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A thread for major physics and collision for any weapon

First one -Sword
as mention before more collision and physics for the sword would be good :)
if I stand in one area and DSO stands behind me and I attack , i cannot to hit him physically, he is behind me.
A semi circle emitting from the center of the player model ( that semi circle would face forward.,

your type of fire could be changed automaticly ( if u want it to ) based on the distance away from your target :)
For example im about to shoot someone, if I am far i want a slow very focused shot.
If I am close i want automatic to guarentee a hit on my enemy. We have the ability to change it already from Semi Auto,Single ,Three round burst and full auto , Mossberg suggest a way with Malee weaponry Slash , Stab and my own ones Backstabbing , Throat Slit
Second topic Fire:
Of course our fire visual is fine if we had a fire model that would be nice but anyhow the fire is hot and burns so what if we had diferent types of grenades ( concussion flash incidanry Semtex etc . Fire would catch on to the player model therefore the player is on fire and will remain on fire until his model is removed from field complex but I'll explain in greater detail if u ask :)

3rd : the recoil on semiautomatic sniper does not build up in real life :( let's say for instance i hack acr and give my semiautomatic sniper unlimited ammo if I fire 20 shots my gun would constinously move up from recoil even after I pull it down :( fix? Only the last shots recoil should be associated with the distance of recoil instead of a build

4th ladder climbing :) I can climb a latter and be halfway up and look behind me of course thas way to much on the engine but let's say we have a varie for climbing
X=Boolean value of climbing 1 =true 2 = false
X=1 if(KEYPRESSED=X , X=1 )
CameraRotate(180(degrees ) , 20 , (speed)
Hopefully you understand that mossy
Therefore if i see someone behind me i jump off ladder troll them and run
5th shot detection :) what if acr knew when I quick scope this would be the first game to recognise tricks shots see below
Ill msg u the code ifu want to much to put in this post
If u want I'll explain if he does another type of kill with it like Quickscopd Headahot

6th back to Malee weapons
Knives i got hit with a knife and my player stood there all i heard was moaning
What if when hit with a knife you player model get thrown but so does the camera :) look at the cam from BF3
XD som much physics?
Your post is very difficult to read. You should reformat it.
I apoligize l'll fix it master Vic ?
I'm not your master, so you don't have to fix it, but then other people don't have to read it either.

I'm just suggesting that you reformat it so that it is easier to read.
You own this place you are master im fine with that Smile i fix it

  1. I'm not sure what you mean by the sword stuff.
  2. In Red Eclipse, fire is implemented the same way as bleeding.
  3. I'm not sure what you are saying about the recoil.
  4. Ladder entities are placed in the maps without a direction, making the player fall when he turns 180 degrees from the ladder would mess up compatibility with old maps.
  5. ACR already tells you when you headshot, quickscope (quickly or recently scoped), hardscope or no-scope (lack of a scope message) someone.
  6. Do you mean flinch (the screen goes up when you are shot) should be added for throwing knives?
Yea flinch when hit with Malee or shot :p could we get the names changed for that so it says Quickscoped :p
And I didn't mean fire is bad i mean fire is all as have .-. A flash grenade would certainly allow more options
so would a incidanary grenade or smoke
And the ladder thing was misunderstood perhaps a tempory way to be in 3rd person view in certain situations like climb a ladder
/bind "e" "thirdperson 10"
/bind "r" "thirdperson 0"
Type this in game (or put it in some of the autorun places, too lazy to figure them out Wink and pressing e and r switches thirdperson on/off
That's very helpful thanks

And perhaps in the settings you can change it to view at a certiIn angle automaticly?
The keys e and r are already bound by default. I suggest this instead :
/bind "n" [thirdperson (* 10 (= 0 $thirdperson))]
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