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Full Version: Developer Privilege
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Apparently moderators and such ( EPicz ruler and etc are all developers ) am I Developer? Or user :/ I think personaly I'm developer xD

MOD EDIT: fixed spelling
Developers are those who have responsibility over what gets published. We approve code changes, graphic changes, etc. Other people can help out but in the end it is our responsibility to get stuff done.
Awesome Big Grin

I happen to want to be a developer xD
Well, you can still contribute by sending pull requests.
Huh ?

I looked at GitHub and its simple enough .-. Didn't see pull request
Look up git and learn what that is then we can explain how you can contribute
Looked it up basicly the ability to adjust something and revert back to old or previous settings also called " correcting fûck ups "
Git, it is a distributed version control system used by github.
VCS edit your code save it always have a permanent directory of that data .-.
Kk I looked it up and it makes sense to moi i also downloaded the app :3
Hey Ruler are you theonlypwnr on GitHub?
Or is that moss

Now that I know may you tell me how i can contribute?