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Full Version: GUID system
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This GUID system will be able to filter out some of the stupidest offenders. But it can be easily circumvented by smart people!

I am planning to make it check for the CPU's serial number, or something like that. But it also has to be portable to Linux!

Too bad the CPU's serial number can be disabled in the BIOS. I should probably make it retrieve the MAC address, but it is harder to port to linux.
Very good project, I'm waiting this add
Nice 1 ExclamationExclamationExclamation

As I was from the people purposing it, I'm happy to see it will be given a try.

Don't worry about 'smart people', we can pwn them by other ways xD

As for the "smarter" abusers, we can just ban them with other ways.

This GUID system can be EASILY spoofed, but will keep out the lazy and dumb people.