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Full Version: Alpha Testing
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Calling all ACR players we need alpha testers. If you're comfortable with compiling you can clone and compile it on your own. I can provide assistance if needed. We need bug reports and requests for features/adjustments. We need your help to get the build ready for release before the summer is over.

You can file bug reports on github or google code. Feature requests can be on the forum or if they are small we'd prefer you just message us on IRC(chatbox on top). We are also accepting pull requests for all you coders(and artists) out there.

For the poll the results will decide if we work to setup an automatic nightly build system, maybe rolling builds integrated with the updater.
I haven't booted up a Linux-based system distro in a while, so I voted for Windows builds. From what I can remember AC could be built on Windows using (for example) Visual Studio. Can ACR?
Yes, talk to @Victor about Visual Studios builds though. I only know how to build with GCC environments(TDM-GCC and msys on windows)
I use Visual Studio for my development. Even if we don't get automatic builds, alpha testers can still build it manually.

Also, alpha testing might not be so critical because a beta release is planned.
I voted "Yes, I need windows builds".

I'd like compile on my own and I tried to do it in the past but I don't know what version of each library I need. I downloaded the ones I believed to be the good ones but it always failed.
asmanel are you using an mingw/msys build system or visual studio? I'll start up a page and Victor can add to it on the wiki for how to build it on your own.

Here is the link to the wiki page with Compiling Instructions
I'd like to test!