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Full Version: 2.7 Alpha Testing
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For those people who are too lazy don't know how want to compile binaries, temporary alpha releases will be posted here.

To quickly test development files, download a .zip of master or of a specific commit below to get packages, and use or compile executables:

75e30120 - December 30, 2014 - packages, client executable
???????? - September 24, 2014 - Full package last updated 9/24/14

(available on request -- ask @ruler501 or reply to this thread)

Files may be removed over time. If they are unavailable, compile your own or request us to repost.
Haha, nice edit Victor! I'll try this out as soon as possible
I downloaded the client archive without any problem but I can't download the packages one. The download always freeze before 20Mo (most times before 10Mo) and the server cancel the download each time I try to pause then continue it.
If you have git you can download the files with

git clone

I tried downloading it with the link victor gave and it is downloading just fine for me
Would you guys now add that separate sound file for AK47
@xdEpicZombie, just edit config/sounds.cfg for now.
So I downloaded everything, and put the ac_client.exe into the bin_win32 folder. However, I can't seem to get the game to work. Am I doing something wrong?
@DeltaStrikeOp, I downloaded the client and packages, extracted both, put ac_client.exe into bin_win32, and ran client.bat, and it worked for me. What error does it say?
It's an odd problem. I PMed Victor regarding the error, and he didn't find any files out of place. I will retry the download later today
I added a Windows build for testing the flag update intervals.
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