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Full Version: SrPER$IAN
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Hello all, Here is SrPER$IAN. Recently I downloaded your latest version. Seems like many things have been evolved from the last time I checked up ACR. Probably you don't know me, because I'm new here but I have been playing AC for about 5-6 years,and I got interested in mapping a few afterwards, Anyway here are some of my released works for AC that you can check them up :

Personally I liked the ACR developers' care and eager about quality. On the other hand I understand the big issue of copyright for ACR(maybe some complaints are right), but I'll be happy to dedicate my works to ACR so it might help you guys to solve a part of this issue in mapping and modding. Probably both AC and ACR community will be happy at the end by the result.

BTW i'm a little bit familiar with modeling as well(here are some of my modeling works : link1, link2, link3), so if you find any copyrighted content in my maps, I can rework and replace it by originals.

Best Regards,
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Hi there SrPER$IAN! Welcome to the community! Hopefully you will enjoy your time here! Thanks for the work!
Trainyard looks awesome!
Agreed, I played for a while on the maps, and I feel that they are very good and should probably be released in ACR as official maps =D Keep up the awesome work!
Map ac_trainyard asks mode bomb.