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Full Version: heaT|Clan
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Hello! Big Grin
I will introduce the clan heaT|

Tag:  heaT|
Name:  heaT

Players heaT| :

heaT|Admins:    .LeXuS'' // Feeh
heaT|Members:   .YouLosT!

If heaT| becomes official, we will create 3 servers 24/7. Let's create a ts. Let's creat a website and we will bring players to this game.

We from now, let's play acr every day and we will bring players in here.
If we can in helping someone else, we will help!
We are players of assault cube, we made mistakes in assault cube, and we were looking for a similar game, and we found! Here we want to be exemplary players and help everyone!

   Update :
 We returned with the intention of helping the acr working and calling players to play. If you want to play with us between our TS3 Server:
whatd mistakes in assault cube?

also, congratulations in your victory against {KE}!
No matter the mistakes I made in assault cube. It's past.
Now what matters is ACR, and I will bring players to play it.
And thx, nice matchs!!
You aint gonna beat -{ET}-
Hello xdEpicZombie.
When you want to go a match, please contact me, I would be happy to have another win

best regards
. LeXuS''
=D Awesome, more clans in ACR! Maybe we can finally have those clan wars we have always wanted to do!
Win another match?in your dreams bro!
epic, these guys are pretty good

Epic, They are really good i played with Blu and we were Killed
We Back