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Hello, I'm .LeXuS''
I'm "player" the Assault Cube.
I stopped playing assault cube, because I had used hack in 2012 and 2013, and made ​​many mistakes. The admins did not give me another chance, but gave opportunity to others who did not deserve "but ok, continuing"
I walk for a long time looking for a game similar to assault cube, and never found, but today I saw ACR, and I was very happy.
I want to be an exemplary player in ACR, and forget what I did in AC.
I want to help everyone, and that may help me! xD
ACR is not AC
Please do not compare .LeXuS'' now, with .LeXuS'' 2012 and 2013.
I am a "new person".
Here I want to be a normal player, and forget the AC.
I'll talk to friends to play ACR and go to help in whatever I can.

Best regards

MOD EDIT: removed blue portion
ACR doesn't care about anyone's past in AC. Even I used to hack AC back in late 2009-early 2010 (ACR was created in December 2010).
Thank you!
Hi there! Welcome to the community! I hope I can play you someday and test your skills!
Thats all great but why the fuck do you change the text colour to blue,I dont know about you guys but IMO its just hard to read it.Anyways welcome!
welcome Smile
Was it like that exploding bullet hack? I watched that video on youtube. You know, I think ACR should have something like that, exploding ammo that deals splash damage. I also play the regular assault cube a lot since I kind of get bored playing against bots in ACR. But ACR is hands down better. Speaking of that, how do you play one shot one kill in ACR? Mutators really are confusing. I also like the Lexus LFA, it has a pretty sweet 552 horsepower V10 engine, and it lapped the nubergring pretty fast, too. I got banned from the gema servers since I kept killing people.
@jarhead2000, guess who made that "exploding bullet hack"... I made that Vulcan minigun mod. It doesn't deal additional damage though.

There is a server mod flag in ACR 2.6 that makes players have real explosive ammo. You just have to compile with that flag.