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Full Version: Suggestions for 2.7 Version
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Idea Suggestions:

â–ªFor version 2.7, not be possible to see the player, when it has the flag. "I've brought people to play this game, and They Do not play because of it, but I Talked that in the 2.7 version you will remove it. "very important"
â–ªTesting a new mode in the game. The mode to plant the bomb "search and destroy". I think the map ac_dust2, could become official and test this method on the map ac_dust2. And if everything right, see what official maps currently be possible to play S&D mode And in the future have other maps that do not have the Assault Cube, and have more maps to the S&D mode
â–ªI think you should create some gem maps, the height of objects, suitable for the jump with the sniper. You should create a 4 maps gem, and then normal players would create more. This style of play is appreciated by many players.
â–ªBe possible to jump and crouch, but: bind lctrl [crouch;jump] was not possible to use.
â–ªCreate a post in the forum, where it was not possible to comment, and this post be the official clans ACR
â–ªJoin the game an anti-hack. Examples: "xtrap"

"Topic subject to updates."
  • The "kill" indicator for flag carries prevents camping in HTF/KTF, but probably is bad for gameplay in CTF. I think we should discuss this more.
  • Well, we have "demolition", which is a mix of search & destroy and sabotage. You basically get instant bomb planting in that mode.
  • AC doesn't have official gema maps, and before the M82 was implemented, all gema maps were impossible to play on ACR. Players who want to create gema maps can, but I don't think we need official gema maps.
  • Isn't jump crouching possible? ACR 2.7 is redone on AC 1.2, which has native crouch-jumping, so it might be fixed. You can post this again if it still doesn't work in the beta.
  • Clans are unregulated and there are no official clans. It's easier to have a list on the wiki, where everyone can edit the list, than to have one locked thread that only moderators can edit.
  • Because ACR is open-source, it's not that easy. xtrap is a client-side anti-cheat, but we can only implement server-side anti-cheat.

If you have more suggestions, it's better to make a new thread.
hello I'm VODKA I would like to give some suggestions for new version 2.7
1 - not report the player containing the enemy flag
2 - the need to jump hax
3 - when a player takes aim with any gun and start shooting the fire that appears in front keeps you from seeing the target that should be removed
4 - Grenades should explode with the same time of the original action because the players are accustomed experiences
5 - servers should be as original ac but also with the option to be able to give the other admin and I get to admin also

well by now and I hope you can all comprir with orders thanks

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  1. We're discussing this more at
  2. Compile the server with the server mod flags set for moon jump.
  3. I request @DeltaStrikeOp to comment on this. We could make the flash smaller though.
  4. The M67's nade timer is longer though. Maybe in the classic mutator, we can do this.
  5. You can /giverole in 2.6, but it is renamed to /giveadmin in 2.7.
For 4 Lexus you can remove it yourself or with a mod. Just make the image file we pull the flash from completely transparent.
lol ruler but they can see. xdd

.Change the zoom of weapons .. With better vision
Exemple like PB: or others, but better vision.
@Victor, @VODKA, If I understand VODKA correctly, I think he's talking about the over the top muzzle flash we currently have in ACR. When you first fire the M16, the muzzle flash completely obscures your view of your target. Most maps in ACR are in the daytime, which negates the effect of muzzle flash to an extent. To be honest, during daytime, your eye only perceives the black powder being burnt when a weapon is fired. I haven't actually done night shooting due to safety concerns.

This is a simple change. We have mods of the muzzle flash image. I currently use @Padge1's muzzle flash, let me dig it up for you guys. I'm unsure regarding the licensing, however. Padge1 usually does a great job of mentioning the originality of his works. Padge1's muzzle flash is semi-transparent, which is a great system in my opinion and is realistic, since fire isn't usually solid in color, but rather transparent to an extent
I have my custom muzzleflashes that I made sometime ago,they are smaller and a bit transparent,also alot more realistic ones Tongue

.LeXuS" exactly how many players have you brought here,let them comment by themselves.

@Victor plant the bomb and so most played mode and best known,i know you created this game to be like call of duty more if you add this mode the game will become more popular why this game have potential to evolve and also go to ESL equal AssaultCube was once,one of the biggest reasons for the assault cube having activity was because of ESL.Creativity when you have to change the game and makes it better the game will become more active time was what happened with cs 1.6 the game was old for 1999 and had professional championships until last year im not comparing ac with cs I'm only quoting a reference growth if you want to take acr for ESL and this is the solution,after that the game was getting killed and losing players became what it is' now a game dead,not very different in the activity for acr this game can win more new people and can get in ESL, so having patience to evolve the game and improving and adding new mode,competitiveness that makes the game come alive.
Do not know and if that your intention but if you want the game live and if you want to create and suggestion only ask because i have many idea to implement this mode
@Feeh, we can use the flag bases as locations to plant the bomb. The "bomber" and "demolition" modes in ACR are pretty much this mode with instant plant/instant explosion, but in a future release (there isn't enough time to get it done immediately), planting by default should be added (and maybe a mutator for instant plant?).
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