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Full Version: The "kill" indicator for flag
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I think (The "kill" indicator flag is) at least in CTF mode should be removed. My friends tried the game, and said they hate it, I also. I think it should be removed. Tell me if you guys think.

Best regards

Update 1:

I know what I'm talking about. if players try to play ACR, will hate it, I was player of AC for years. Me and Feeh are very experient, and we know que no one will like it .. ACR can go far, ESL may have in the future. Is much better than AC. Enjoy it! Remove it in the next version..
Call of Duty updates the kill indicator every 5 seconds, but if we had a longer update interval of 10 seconds in CTF, it might be reasonable.

In HTF/KTF, if we had a shorter interval (like 3 seconds or instant), it could prevent camping.
Victor, let's wait for other opinions.
I know people who go do not start playing if in the next version it is not removed.
In CTF mode, is not camper,just run score and return flag.......
It is useless to have it in mode CTF..
Think better of it please ..
Hopefully for other answers.
Yep, we should get more opinions. For CTF, if we have high update intervals, it doesn't ruin the game, but then if someone tries to troll by camping with the flag instead of scoring it, the enemy would easily recover it.
But then again, his teammates can just call /subdue on him if he does that.

@ruler501 also suggested having it show up in the (2D) radar, but not with the (3D) "kill" indicator. This would remove height perception only though.

@.LeXuS'', what do you think about the kill indicator in HTF and KTF?
I think in HTF and KTF should have intervals. But not in CTF. I think this would be correct. Expect opinions to reach a conclusion
Well, I said that HTF/KTF should have short intervals to prevent camping, and that CTF should have long intervals so that it doesn't ruin the game, except for camping trolls.

In CTF, if a teammate camps with your flag and refuses to score, your team could be at a disadvantage while the enemy team continues to score. Without the indicator, you would have to /subdue your teammate, but with the indicator, even with a long update interval, the enemy team will reclaim their flag (because they get points for it).
I'll be honest about what I think, I think HTF and KTF should have long intervals and the CTF does not have "indicator for the kill flag." The main mode of tournaments, inters and clan matchs is the CTF, and has many tactics for this, I think CTF should not have "indicator for the kill flag", as I said, almost all good players will hate it.

"Sorry my bad English."
How about a really long interval for CTF, like 15-20 seconds? Or even 30 seconds?

If it takes you 60-89 seconds to score, having your position revealed 2 times probably doesn't affect you that much.

For HTF/KTF, if there are long intervals, it might not prevent camping that well. I think 5 seconds or less (perhaps instant) is a good interval.
I guess not .. Just use the intelligence and tactical team. I think That would be correct. That's my opinion and the opinion of players Began to play ACR, and some said that if that was not removed in the next version, they are not going to play, I'll talk to them to come and comment on the post.
Well, we should hear their opinions. If we don't remove this, but add large intervals, would they be willing to play? What if we had it on the radar only like @ruler501 suggested?
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