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Full Version: newbie from america
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hey all! ive been playing assault cube for the past few months and its ok and all but when i found assault cube reloaded i knew this was the game for me. i am blown away by how much better this game is and i couldnt agree more on the philosophy that cheaters should have no second chances and be permabanned. only problem i see when this game is, it doesnt seem like anybody really plays online, can somebody maybe prove me wrong here? i really hope so because if people play regularly i would have no reason to ever play normal assault cube ever again. nice to be here, really hope i can be part of the community. thanks all.
Out philosophy isn't "that cheaters should have no second chances and be permabanned"... That's AssaultCube's philosophy, which is why their forum's thread #1 is a cheat report thread with 62 pages of reports, but they used to have 100+ pages of blacklists back in AC 1.0.

We would rather redesign the game to prevent or reduce the impact of their cheats, and only use bans as a last resort.
my mistake, that is still much better than assaultcube stance. i feel like that game is at least 50% cheaters.
Hi there! Hopefully while we expand our playerbase, we can have some "large"-ish scale games going on again =)
Hello and welcome!
We dont have alot of people playing multiplayer here though we sure dont have any cheaters!
thanks guys, im gonna spread the word as much as i can about this game because it needs to be known how amazing it is. ive been playing everyday, if anybody wants to try some 1v1s or something lemme know! Smile