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I think this is far to much of a coincidence. ACWC
Assualt Cube World Cup Sad the idea was posted on AC forums 2 days after I stated the tournament here :| this is too much of a coincidence Sad they are watching,lurking , reading this too perhaps so im sure they are also using our mods and stuff
I don't know what to say abot this other than this is unfriendly and unacceptable :| 203 memebers and 5 of them talk, definitley fishy
They're allowed to read and use the stuff released here if the license permits. Don't stir up hate
Alright then :/ hey ruler I need I tiny advice if u could pm me or something
It evoke me this. When AC 1.2 was released, about seven months later, there was something similar by the new functionnalities.
Map textures ?
My idea was make the game download any missing content, and not only the map files and their config files.
Through the server... That's brilliant