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Full Version: You are doing well, keep up the good work !
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Hi, I'm Praetor

First off, congratulations for providing some challenge to AC 'developers'! This challenge is what AC needs to be better!
Don't stop now, even if there are not servers or players... they will come for sure in the future, but for that you need to really improve your mod by adding/fixing/bettering/etc what already is in AC.

As a side note (it's not my intention to spam), I'm working on an AC fork too (it is going at snail's pace since I'm working on it in my spare time, which is scarse), may be if you want we can work together (PM me if you are interested) and if you don't want I really wish you good luck on this project.

Finally, allow me to mention you just some constructive suggestions:
If you really want to fork Assacult Cube, start off by reengineering the source code (Game Engine, Rendering, Network, etc, etc, that is make it modular, use C++ if possible, or C but follow some good 'rules' like in the Gnome SDK...which is still plain C but they use an OO 'trick' that in effect works...and is easy to maintain!) ), let me be honest: AC source code is a superb digitalization of a shit's horse... following the same programming style will only make it more difficult to 'add more things' to the will suffer from the same evil... (to be more technical you definitely will want to use an Object Oriented Approach and to follow the the 3 golden rules of it, if you know what I'm talking about, also there is plenty of room to implement some Design Patterns Wink ) don't worry about the assets like models or maps, you are 'allowed' use them for 'personal' use and...once you get the engine working , believe me, the assets are a secondary thing...
AssaultCube sucks, so I quit it. I am making this game so that it doesn't suck as much. Remember the grenade nuke from AssaultCube? They still have it. My game is immune from the grenade nuke.
It's is sad to hear you quit it, it seemed a good project alternative to me anyways.
Then I'll continue with my own fork, maybe in the future we can share some ideas to make AC better, I think AC sucks too as it is right now ...even if I don't play it's a pretty boooored game to is this feeling that makes me do something about it...

Good Luck!
Well, since your fork is moving so slowly, why not help with this game?

Report bugs:
Suggest Ideas:

If you submit a good patch, I can give you credit in the commit message.
Let me explain myself a bit more: I'm not doing a patch but a TOTAL rewrite of code, in fact the only part of code I'm using (if it falls is the code category) is the .cgz map file format, so it is not a patch but as i've said a total rewrite of code I'm NOT using AC original source code for anything (except map file format). With this it will be more robust, reusable and extendible, which in the long term will allow me to do modifications very easily with no pain avoiding the evil married with AC original code.

I'm using a completely different rendering method which supports ac maps, but it is capable of much more things (mainly rooms over rooms, etc, etc) becuase I'm not using the geomipmap technique AC uses (no raytracing for culling cubes, etc, etc).

If you are looking for that kind of contribution, then let me know.

Pardon my english, it is not my native tongue.

Well, this project is a collection of patches, a rewrite of some parts of the code. If you can contribute somehow, do so, otherwise slowly continue with your game. I would like to see your game, if possible.
It is not still a 'game' in the whole sense, it is more like a demo, there are parts still undone/uncompleted, as I'm still learning in the process, coding a game engine for scratch is not an easy task, it is quite demanding for a lone wolf coder, but I'll upload a demo (may be a video of it) but that'll be after my exams which starts the next week Sad Don't hold your breath Wink
Well, please tell me if you have a demo to show me.

By the way, will your engine have a killcam like most commercial games? I might consider making a killcam into this game.