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Full Version: overload
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Suggest for ACR this OA gamemode is an old idea I had shortly after I suggested something similar to collect and harvester.

In a first time, I chose to wait a successful implementation of the previous mode in ACR or in the mod I was trying to make before suggest or develop it.

However, I never seen this forum so inactive. This is why I suggest it now.

In this mode, each team have a destroyable obelisk. This obelisk can regenerate and have a big number of health points (in OA, it's 2500 by default but it can be set).

Of course the goal is destroy the ennemy obelisk. once destroyed this one reappears shortly after ten seconds.
This could be implemented using CTF flag entities--instead of stealing the flag, you have to shoot it.
Yes, it's the idea.
I have a nice little model idea we could use, I'll crank it out on Monday, also curious if we could use the domination flag entities instead, this would remove a "spawn trap" against the flag.
sounds like a great new game mode. After playing a bit of Insurgency, search and destroy style games feel really fun and refreshing. Maybe we can even have a mode similar to Rush in Battlefield
+1 Big Grin I like
I like to, but I think these will counter act with our small map sizes , I was playing AC 1.2 and on the servers there's a map called police swat training and the map is HUGE it's like twice the size of twintowers + recreation
so I know it's possible ._.
I have implemented this mode on the new-protocol branch with commit 401ba6da. If you know how to compile development versions, you can try it out.