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Full Version: Attachments
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Laser Pointer: Would be like having the red dot sight effect enabled but when hipfiring.

Red dot sight: Would use a seperate gun model (if it doesnt take up much space)

Grenade launcher: Same as above. would be like firing a grenade from your gun (with different model of course for the nade) and explodes on contact with players or any hard surface. would use secondary ammo.

knife/pistol: holding knife with the pistol (like call of duty). right click is knife attack. left is pistol. no aiming down the sights to keep things balanced.

suppressor: keeps you from appearing on mini map without the ninja perk. reduced damage for balance.


EMP: Disables hud, mini map, crosshairs, and red dot sight.

care package: can be used only under open sky (uses a trigger system maybe?) drops ammo, killstreaks, or health

new weapons:

flash bang: explodes causing blindness (using a white overlay like what happens when you get hurt instead of blood)

AK-12: recoil of M4, fire rate of AK-47, and takes 5 shots to kill

m1911: 7+1 Mag, higher power than usp, more recoil than usp.

flag: when you have the flag in CTF, you can use it as some sort of cudgel. same damage as sword.

tell me what you think!
A fake laser (for the current player only) is probably possible, and I might add it for 2.6.2 as /fakelasertest.

It would be a terrible idea to make new models just to add a few attachments, which is why the idea was rejected in the past.

A better solution, which might be possible in the future, is to use the tag attachment system.

Having a grenade launcher take up two weapon slots (no secondary) could be implemented as having a dedicated grenade launcher secondary and replacing that model if the primary weapon has a grenade launcher attachment.
But would having a grenade launcher be overpowered?

If EMP was suggested, then it was probably rejected because hackers can restore the HUD, and if you want no HUD, you can disable it or play hardcore.

Care packages don't work because of the way Cube implements the "sky". Just shoot the "sky" and you'll see what I mean.

Flashbangs can easily be hacked, so work on it was abandoned.

I think more feedback is necessary for the M1911.

It takes time to switch weapons, so the player might as well use the knife, but this could be implemented as increased knife damage for flag holders.
a new clip type could be made that only allows care packages to spawn under them
M1911 sounds neat, and again, untill its made in game you gotta stick with maual attachemnts, and what if you had a grenade but no secondary?
my m4 had m203 on it, the idea was to make 2 models, one to replace rpg and one to replace assault, if you have them as the same model you would
A. Need another Muzzle Tag Point
B. Different set of Firerates
I saw a supressor model on gamebanana ill see if i can find it, it would look cool on the scorpion and mp7
The problem is that the care package can't "fall" because it's constrained to be inside the map. How AC and ACR work is by having some blocks rendered with a sky texture.