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Full Version: Suggestions for a better ACR
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This post is created by Lexus and Feeh, we will create a new post with all the ideas and the new acr, new things, with creativity and imagination, all want this game to grow and be different. let's start

 Snipers - I think there could be only two snipers, one awp style, to kill with one shot, but if I had full armor, would stay low hp, and the awp should be a bit heavier and with a very beautiful graphic. The other sniper, would be the Dragunov style with more bullets and with a speed higher than the awp shot, that is to shoot faster and followed, would not be so heavy and has a slightly lower damage rate. Remove crosshair in sniper.
 Rifles - I think there could be between 3-5 rifles. One of them could be the famous AK-47 with a low shot quickly, and with a lot of damage and a high recoil. Another could be also the famous M4A1, with a average damage rate, with a controllable recoil and relatively quickly shot. The other could be a weapon known like a hybrid weapon like the M4A1 and the AK-47.
 SMG - I think there could be a P90 with a lower damage and with a very fast firing rate and 50 bullets. Another could be a MP7 style, with a slightly higher damage than the P90, with a relatively lower rate of fire than the P90 and 30 or 35 bullets.
 Shotgun - For later.
 Pistols - I think there could be a desert eagle, would be about 7 bullets, with a slightly high damage, a trigger rate a little slow and a little high recoil, this weapon would be very powerful. Another pistol could be a glock, with about 15 bullets, with a low damage but a high rate of fire and controllable recoil a well.
  Knives - There would be only one, and it would not be possible to cast far as now in acr, but this knife should have a beautiful skin.
  Grenades - First, you have to change the grenade, equal weapons, for a beautiful skin grenade. Have to change the type of the grenade explosion, the current take long to explode and has a very large radius can not understand. Change the skin, the type of explosion "when explode, put a different fire, to be realistic and adjust the blast radius" and especially the time to explode, put a burst of a time when we play the grenade. Could introduce two new types of grenade. The smoke grenade and flash grenade. And these would be ideal for the way we will talk later in this topic.
 The farther the enemy is, the greater the difficulty of hitting the shots, that is, the recoil is more difficult to control
 All weapons with beautiful skins, it is important nowadays to Attract people to play this game, and with telescopic sights Also beautiful.
More details: For example, all weapons take more damage to the chest, and less damage below the waist "especially snipers".
I think it should be so, the weapons are very important in fps today, and people care too much about it, and also with the skins, it attracts people as I already said above. This scheme I wrote "Me and the Feeh" I think that would be perfect and everything balanced.

 It would be possible to improve a little graphic, but that we will speak in the future.

 A new menu to choose the weapons, more organized and less confusing please. Perhaps a bit like counter strike, if you want to copy the cod, can also copy the cs. For example, when we choose the weapons, has a section for rifles, SMG, snipers, shotguns, knives "If more than one knife", and grenades. For example, when I chose the section of rifles, would come within "the gun shop" and appear for example, the M4A1, AK-47 rifles and the rest of the game have. That would be a great idea.
When we carried to go to the weapons menu would appear something like this:
and if we chose the option snipers, would appear something like this:
Now we will talk about the health and armor. Please maximum life is 100 and not 120, that's just stupid. And change the skins coming in the acr folder to something more beautiful, as I have said all the details will attract players.
Now about the crosshair. Just change, change that .. forget the call of duty! This is Assault Cube Reloaded ok ?! Let the crosshair like all FPS games in the computer and also that we can change in our ways and we can put also in the paste. I find it better. Else that could be implemented is, codes for when shot with any weapon or when you walk, the crosshairs not open and having color options for crosshair. Change the telescopic sights, especially the rifles and SMG, is very bad, and if we use the current scopes, even more difficult for kill ... and can we change the scope in folder please? Currently takes too long to open the telescopic sight, another problem .. I think the shots spread very, review it. The Pistol recoil is the same recoil of a rifle .. We could think of a possible radio inside the game for us to speak, would be good, but not very important, think about it. More skins of characters and beautiful. And if the shots passed by the boxes? would be a good idea or even some walls "Remove the rebound of the shots on the walls or floor, is very ridiculous."
The new vest this daria 75 armor, perhaps spawn in the middle of the maps and it had a greater spawn team after being caught.

   Mode of planting the bom
 First of all, this mode if created, will be magnificent and will simply change everything, will revolutionize the acr. The CLA team would have to plant the bomb in 2 points of the map, and the mission of the team RVSF would prevent the CLA team of planting the bomb or should plant would have to deactivate the bomb, the CLA team has about 1 minutes and 40 seconds to plant bomb and the bomb explode in 30 seconds. The order would be based on Team Survive with the mission of planting the bomb to the CLA team. The CLA team gets to kill all the RVSF team or have to plant the bomb and prevent RVSF team to disable the bomb goes off. The RVSF team need to kill all the CLA team or if the time ends and are both of the two teams and live the CLA team dont planted the bomb, RVSF win[Image: arrow-10x10.png]. Viktor, believe me, if it is implemented in the ACR, everything will change.

 You simply have to remove these weapons and implement the weapons I said. Remove this sniper that makes you fly, it is not realistic nothing, and remove it from doctor .. Do not forget to review the damage of weapons, especially the snipers .. This may change all that viktor thought to do, forget the idea of COD .. So will look much better. I and the Feeh will further comment on this post about what we think.

  Greetings Heat Clan.
  If you want to play acr with us, log onto the TS3 Server:
 See my latest video and Feeh on assault cube "when we stopped playing assault cube". Maybe we will make an Assault Cube Reloaded Video in the future.
 Sorry english errors, if not understand something, say

By: LeXuS and Feeh

  Update 1:
 Victor, believe me, if you make the acr the way I talked, it will be much better and there will be more people playing, I know what I'm talking about, the current acr is not very good because of certain things are useless and ridiculous, think of it please. I am talking very seriously. Forget cod, please man, this is not cod, this will be acr, this will be much better than it is now, I think.
100% surely, completely F1! I Agree guys!!
Even if I think ACR is, globally, a good game, I think there are ways to implement weapon (and probably other aspects of the game) that are better than the current one, such as DECORATE-like extends of the CubeScript.
No hard feelings but if you want to new weapons then start making them....
I do not know, but I think the manel and epic zombie are troll me? guys, I'm talking about removing the current weapons and implement the weapons I said above with the features I wrote, so it would be balanced and good. It would be perfect and much better than it is currently .. remove the sniper that makes you fly please remove the rest "especially the medic and sniper that makes you fly" and change as I said. ACR would have much more success and would grow. I know what I'm talking about and I want to help the victor, "I and the Feeh". Remove this please cod sights, is very bad. Remove the indicator flag. Remove what I said above and change the acr. "I know this is the work of Victor and the acr is thus to five years. I am aware that the victor not make many alterations, but please victor, think of it .. believe me and feeh If you change this will grow and I and the feeh will help you, soon the acr will get more players "

Sry my english its bad
@.LeXuS'', have you tried the 'classic' mutator? It does some of what you said (no iron sights, no flag indicator, but also other things are removed, like drowning, falling damage, etc.)

Even now, through server mods (change the code, compile, and mention in the server description), you can disable certain weapons from being used.

In the future, more weapons should be added. I think that adding a P90 (large mag, smaller damage) is a good idea.

The M67 grenade takes longer to explode than in AC, but it is more realistic.

"The farther the enemy is, the greater the difficulty of hitting the shots, that is, the recoil is more difficult to control"
That's how it already is in both AC and ACR.

Also, in ACR, "all weapons take more damage to the chest, and less damage below the waist" already. The difference is not that large for most weapons, but it is larger for sniper rifles.
victor, I now played the classic mode is a little better yes. You can change at least in the classic mode, you can change the crosshair like all computer games? You can implement the mode bomb? In next version. And you can tell me as it does to remove the guns on the server.
Provide to server owner the ability to define several aspects of the gameplay, such as the list of available weapons and the ways to select them, is part of my old ideas about CubeScript exdends (I don't know who here remember this).

About the graphics and 3d models, if you think you can do better image and models, your work will be welcomed (dont think others will do it).

AC support at least two image formats, jpg and png. I don't know if it support other formats.

About the 3D models, only two formats are supported, md2 and md3. Note the format md2 have a kind of prionity over the format md3 : when the game try to load a model, it check first for an md2 version and check for an md3 version only if it doesn't find the md2 version.
@.LeXuS'', the 'classic' mutator was designed for people who are used to AC or like AC-style gameplay. There is no need to make everything back to AC by default, but if there are other changes that would make ACR more like AC, we can add those to the 'classic' mutator.

In the future, an option to use AC-style crosshairs could be added (if I have time, I'll add this to the issue tracker), but those crosshairs do not provide information about spread. This is just a client UI change, so it's not that high in priority. If you implement it and send a pull request, we can probably add it.

For the "mode bomb", there is already a bomber mode, which still has instant "planting". A "search and destroy" style game mode with planting bombs was suggested in the past, but has not been implemented yet.

For disabling weapons, you would have to edit the code (entity.h) and recompile the server. Also, to comply with master server rules, you also have to mention the changes in the server description.