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Full Version: AssaultCube Reloaded New League Idea
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Hi AssaultCube Reloaded,

After constant inactivity in AssaultCube, our league has decided to switch over to AssaultCube Reloaded to attempt to bring this game to the next level.  We are a newly formed league that is looking to host ACR events and cast it on Twitch.  If your clans are up for it, there is a registration for CAWL AssaultCube Season 1 Open for registration.  If this is not really the ambition for ACR, I will understand.  Prizes will be determined based on the number of teams signed up.

We are also looking for ACR CAWL Staff if enough teams reply to this opportunity.  Thanks!

Unfortunately, ACR has also been inactive recently.

Even though we planned to release another version of ACR by August 31, we missed that target date and will possibly miss the new target date of December 31.
I hope I will be able to compile ACR before. Find MinGW compatible dll is harder than it seems.
Thats ok! Thanks again for your quick response! GOOD LUCK!