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Full Version: Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!
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Yeah, so I was online today, on my server, there have actually been quite a few people playing on here, many more than I noticed iinitially. Anyhow...
    This guy joined the game, I was like awsome.
I have been playing this a lot and getting pretty good, so I was beating the crap out of him for a minute or two. He said "Alright Sir!" and logged out.
Then he came back
And after a few minutes something became very apparent. He was cheating, I don't know what cheats exactly, but He was moving around really nervously and kinda looked like a speedhack, cause he was really really fast, and and on top of that he was a lot harder to kill even if you got the drop on him. He went from getting killed to doing much better than me suddenly like the flip of a switch. I told him to turn off the cheats or he would be banned, and he switched servers.

I probably would have actually banned him had he kept on, because it was almost impossible to do anything with him on there with his cheats. But I didn't ban him, don't guess I will, but the dramatic and sudden increase in combat effectiveness, along with watching him for a minute after I was killed a few times really gave it away.

His handle is Juanelo98 ip =
Reimplementing the speedhack detection still needs to be done.

Right now, server owners are responsible for banning cheaters. In the future, we will need a better system to manage master-server bans.
The only problem I see with banning someone is if you ban their nickname then they will still be able to get on with a different name, and if you ban their ip address then in the future if someone else's ip address is the same then you have banned a potential player that doesn't cheat. I wish everyone were honest. i guess someone should remove old names from the list occasionally so that wont happen
ACR's policy has always been "no permanent bans"; only temporary bans are used (as a last resort).

Speedhack detection is supposed to disrupt speedhackers so that they stop using speedhacks and we don't need to ban them.
That would be awsome if that were implemented, and if there were no aimbot or esp hacks. Whenever I first got into assault cube I always played the bot matches on hard because i didn't have a decent internet connection. Then...once i got better internet I went online, played for several days constantly, and sometimes I would really kick some ass, and then all at once some people would pop up on the server that were obvious, like 70 kills/10 deaths or less. I got aggravated becauseI kept finishing the game with 15kills/35 deaths. So I downloaded a hack, and started using esp and no recoil. Now... Once I used esp and no recoil it was very apparent who all was at least using esp. You can watch them hesitate before they come around a corner to where you are hid and come straight to where you are at. I done this, not to cheat, but to see if I could tell who all was cheating, and its a good 50% of their playerbase.
I can't believe anyone would actually develop some cheat like this for an online game. Completely ruins the fun for not only the one playing against the cheaters, but also the ones who are cheating. Like I don't even like cheats in a single player game. Yeah, if I turned the cheats on on duke nukem then I could beat the game in a few hours, but what is the fun in that?

I'm sure some of the admins on the original assault cube servers are probably using some kind of cheat. Personally, i don't know if they work on this version or not, but I will never be using anything like that on this game myself, I don't even like the advantage of being on the same network as my server, my ping is less, so i'm faster than someone else who is connected to my server. I wish it would show in the server window if someone has some kind of modification or string injection running so we could actually tell for sure that they are cheating
It was implemented in older ACR versions, but some lagging players resulted in false positives.
When I was testing with <100ms ping, I think it was able to detect 5% speedhacks (if you move at 1.05x the normal speed) after 5-10 seconds.

AC used to be vulnerable to lots of hacks because lots of stuff was client-side.
AC 1.2 is still vulnerable to shot hacks (shoot through walls) and nade nuke hacks (on some servers), but ACR fixes these vulnerabilities at the expense of making it harder to play with lag.
ACR is still vulnerable to speedhacks because movements are client-side. In older ACR versions, detected speedhacks results in killing the player.
In CoD 4, movements are server-sided, so only two hacks are possible: aimbots and wallhacks (assuming that the server password isn't hacked).

Aimbots are hard to detect because a player could move the mouse randomly and get lucky kills. Or maybe he's just pro.
Anti-aimbots could still detect improbable sequences of kills: multiple headshots (or kills) at significantly different angles in a short timeframe.

Anti-ESP is hard to implement and would consume lots of server resources.
Before the server sends a position packet to a client, it can do an advanced visibility check with prediction (check whether the client can see another player within a few seconds). It can withhold the positions of invisible clients, rendering ESP hacks unusable. But players are moving and there is lag, so it has to predict whether a player will become visible (to the client or any of its bots) soon.
But for N clients, this takes at best N(N-1)/2 comparisons, which takes quadratic time.

The server bandwidth requirements are quadratic, which results in requiring a large upload connection for more players.
However, AC's code has a trick for reducing memory usage back down to linear for the position packets.

The important part is that there is a trade-off: if you trust clients more, more hacks are possible, but then lag has less impact on gameplay.
ACR has a server command line option to trust client hit info more, making it easier to play for laggers, but then shot hacks ("shoot through walls" or "every shot gets headshots") are possible.