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Full Version: Tweak the shotgun
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IMO shotgun is rarely used so I suggest some tweaks to it. First of all I think we should have two shotguns: semi auto and pump action. I am working on Mossberg 590 as we speak (pics will soon be posted on armory) and I or @{KE}bluwarguy could make a new semi auto sgun too ( @DeltaStrikeOp sure has suggestions on which semi auto shotgun we should model). My idea is to make the pump action shotgun more damaging but the semi auto lighter in terms of weight. Also I think that both shotguns should have less spread. It's as unrealistic as it can get right now!
"Adjust weapon recoil stats" has been on the TODO list for years (I think it was planned for 2.5.2).

Also, weapon tweaks need to be done.
If you could teach me step by step how to tweak them and how to compile, I could do it. The only problem is that I can test with 2.6.2 or older. All newer releases have the mysterious bot dying issue
Weapon stats are in "source/src/server.h". Compiling instructions are on the ACR wiki, which might be outdated by now.

Does 2.6.3 really have a bot issue that 2.6.2 doesn't have? If so, I might have to look at the history of source/src/bot to find out why.

The steps look like this:
  1. Download dev version of ACR (download .zip from GitHub or git clone) or use source in Linux package
  2. Edit stats in source/src/server.h
  3. (Re)compile ACR
  4. Test the changes and possibly go to step 2.