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Full Version: Some sudgestions.....
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i think its a good idea Smile
hmm yeah a chnage of the name for the teams would be nice. And a new name for the game. I like our current playermodels though.
I like the name of the game now though. Because thats what it is. Assault Cube Reloaded.
Well i this this game should be it on separate game. (besisdes protox's mods, the iron sights and the guns) its still ac just connected to a different master server. Ahh yes and Vitor you should use Dentiums AK , but fix the waya its placed on the screen.
This is considered a fork of AC, as it is incompatible with any AC protocol.
there should be a mode with only knives, swords and crossbows.
"the hunger games mode!"
good ideas, but less "hd-ish" doesn't make much sense, and I like the many modes.