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Full Version: Introduction
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Hi all, as you guys can probably see, my username is CIPH3R Blade. (or sometimes my other name on ACR- milurn)

I'm a newb that recently transferred from the original Assaultcube and I have played ACR a few times before.....and by experience it looks like a pretty good game. I got into both ACR and Assaultcube (original) through my friends who suggested these games to play LAN with. Now I play both public and LAN games with friends and we really enjoy it. A huge shout-out to ACR Founder Victor and a shout-out to this ACR community. Looking foward to being a part of a great group of Assaulters (I don't know what to call you guys)
Anyway, best of luck to everybody in every match they play. Quick side note: I can't really mod games; I'm not the greatest with creating stuff. But I will happily test out anybody's creation and give positive feedback. Just don't give me a virus Sad 

Okay, thanks for reading and thanks for just letting me and others be a part of a great group of people

Peace out, CIPH3R Blade