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Full Version: Can we resurrect ACR?
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Well, I'm pretty active on Reddit, I've lost my touch with CSS and web coding in general. I'd be willing to make a subreddit and moderate it as long as someone could do some CSS styling?
hey guys, Its been a few years lol I have checked up on these forums once in a blue moon over the years just to see if anything happened. I would be keen to do some weapon models again just for fun if it would help. In the last 8 years I finished my university degree and managed to get titles like COD:MW  among others under my belt. pretty crazy to come back here and browse the old posts lol, hope you are all doing well and would love to hear from the old team.
ACR isn't completely dead, but it is even closer than ever before.

ACR still releases more often than AC, but that's only because 2.7 years < 6.2 years (comparing the max(time between last 2 significant releases, time since last release)).
The next ACR release will likely be mainly a maintenance release to fix issues without introducing many new features.
Man it's been awhile, and I'm glad to see this game is still up. But also I'm sad to see the days of free-to-play FPS games has gone way by. I had a lot of fun on with this game.

I hope all is well with anyone who still comes by and reads this.
Hey guys, a bit late to the party as well. I've recently tried getting into scripting in LUA and would definitely like to get some new experience in other languages. Maybe we should make a discord server and bring out our thoughts and ideas..
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